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Mystery Head

by Salvadore Ross

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Edacity 03:49 video
You can put your money in the ground nothing's gonna grow. Inside decent walls I never rhyme they try to blow my mind. You won't understand, I keep it hidden Mostly inside out I feel alright always doing fine. You can fill your belly full of whine nothing satisfies. As we waste away, I see you grinning Someday very soon, you'll regret this.
There's a creature growing inside me Originated from the deep sea And so it started, in my right arm It's spreading daily, through my veins and heart I hear laughing, suddenly at night When my mind's the weakest No one can help my mind Immure myself in the basement quarters I stack bricks all around, seal it in with mortar She's the one, she's the one and there's nobody else She's the one, she's the one, I'll take for myself She's the one, she's the one, she's the only one I feel the tearing, through my paper skin Plastic wrap and duct tape, I can't hold it in Can't find master, nowhere to be found Oh I pray to God, someone stop that awful sound
What can I do to change your mind? You miss the old you never saw with your eyes History has led ten million men to all die Why would I ever want to know what it's like If we all fall down we'll have no one to help us to our feet If we all fall down don't make a sound they'll kill us where we sleep Growing weary explaining myself to your tribe It's the same thing every year, don't know why Let it all out the secret speech in your mind If you don't stop I'm gonna choke you slowly 'til you die
Broken Bones 04:34
You said you gave it all back but I know you're a liar I have done things gone above and beyond for your sake When will I know, how will I find Outside your head, inside your mind It makes no difference to me Searching through open fields trying so hard to replace you Patiently waiting each day to kill off your persona You try to steal what I create Now it's for real you're a little too late It makes no difference to me I have broken bones You took the hammer to my fragile skull and you broke it Hospital said I should probably be dead but I'm walking Now I see you, in perfect view I try to decide but nothing is new It makes no difference to me
Help Me Up 05:31
Help me up I promise to do my best to never let you down I don't want to live a wasted life, all I want is to stay alive When I saw you coming across my path Oh I said it's gonna be alright Help me up, off the ground Lord I never thought I'd fall so low Oh off the ground, oh I never thought I'd fall so low Please believe me when I say it's true all I have I'll give to you I just want to live a simple life, hold you dearly every night Even though they say I'm nothing at all I'll be here when they're long gone Help me up I promise to do my best to never let you down I don't want to live a wasted life all I want is to stay alive
Thief 03:51
Took another step in the wrong way Should've been careful I don't believe That no one sees what's good in me Circling backwards upside downtown Little bit of power put a spell on me Couldn't believe I waited so long Standing in line just to wake my mind When you gonna see it next time no luck Could've been fallout but you saved a buck It's not my time yet it's not my time Don't wanna be no kind of stepping stone All you ever wanted someone to fix you Hats off to you man you tricked yourself Going through the coat rack see what you find Someone's love it's mine all mine Brother you've been worried about our lives Never had a vision of your own but that's alright Nobody cares what they see As long as they don't get too close You're just a thief, just a thief All that's inside is misery You have taken what should have been ours
Settle Down 04:38
It's the time, gonna change her mind But she don't know how to settle down at night And it grows, until it won't die out That's when we decide to take those pills And I know my time is slipping by I don't care I never changed my mind With a voice cutting like the sun A judge did say I found the guilty one Too much time alone where we shouldn't be We wonder why our names don't last that long Say you know where my mind has been But love will always win I've been tried, torn, traded for nothing I've done By those I've loved and I will see this out
Well your way is weary and your eyes are meek Your spirit is shifting as you softly speak I know I've seen you in the place where you hide Someday soon we'll escape and shine Well your present state has seen better times We see your bareness and it brings a smile Remember when you cut, you cut out our eyes We have been cursed now we're lifted on high There's something wrong when you come inside Your wicked demeanor sends senses awry Can you not feel it in the clothes that you wear The site of your shadow is so much to bear
Whiskey Song 05:30
It's today and my hands are swollen Yesterday my hands were broken Tomorrow comes I hope they're healing Gonna drink, whiskey down Very soon they say it happens Two thousand years, they say it's time now Tomorrow comes I hope I'm going Gonna drink, whiskey, lord She said I'm bound to fall I said I know, don't care at all No one knows the truth They say he selected few of us Selected few of us Late at night they come up creeping I heard it right you gonna leave us All alone it's my greatest fear I'm asking you one last time Heard a boom and I found there's nothing Empty rooms I can't find no one They've gone away, I find I'm alone Gonna drink, whiskey alone
The Insiders 04:12
At night time I grow so cold So tired I feel so old In the garden I want a rested soul But no solution is on the telephone When you find a peace that shines This afternoon's science falls way behind Spoon feed doctrine to the fearful kind Insiders in the cider, insider her mind again Can't find what you wanted Go out and hunt it Sold out, confronted Wrong side you shun it I can't think with all this sound In a city of dirt ground brown There's a spirit that's bringing me down I won't allow it now, can't take my time no more Let's toast to the man with the greatest hand Give praise to the inventors of our circumstance Don't care how blind you're like a TV stand Insiders in the cider, inside her glands again


Mystery Head was recorded at both; the BHA building in Dayton, OH, and the home of Tim Pritchard. These songs were six years in the making, some of which were originally intended by Kyle Byrum for inclusion in the follow up to The White Soots eponymous debut, but circumstances changed. After the formation of Salvadore Ross in 2012 when Kyle Byrum and Kyle Sweney began rehearsing in an attempt to form a new, softer but more psychedelic sound, The White Soots went on a temporary hiatus. This hiatus was tragically made permanent with the sudden death of White Soots bassist Karl Benge, to whom this album is dedicated. Our long-time friend Tim Pritchard has generously volunteered his time and energy for the production of this album, serving as a monumental force during the entire recording process. The result is a heavy hitting, song-centered yet spacey record, retaining the force and power of The White Soots, with the added benefit of strategic restraints when appropriate. We hope you enjoy the new material.

Special thanks to: Our families, Keri, Laura, Kristine, Tim Pritchard, The Motel Beds, Tom Salvatierra, Dan Stahl, Shrug, Josh Gwin, Art Jipson, Mick Montgomery, Brandon Hawk, Jennifer Taylor, Jeff Opt, Patrick Himes, The Boxcar Suite, The McKibben Brothers, Chris Wright, Shelly Hulce, Richard Brown, Grover, Jeff Newell, Aaron Klauber, David Payne, Cricketbows, Brock Caldwell, Eric Ditmer, Tom Rastikis, M. Ross Perkins, Gretchen Reise Kelly and Josh Eagle.



released February 14, 2017

Produced by Kyle Byrum and Tim Pritchard
Engineered and Mixed by Tim Pritchard
Mastered by Andrew Hamilton at Serif Sound
Written by Kyle Byrum
Kyle Byrum: vocals, guitars, percussion, background vocals
Kyle Sweney: drums
Mike McKewen: bass
Tim Pritchard: pedal steel, keys, background vocals
Tom Salvatierra: combo organ
Dan Stahl: percussion
copyright 2016
All rights reserved ASCAP


all rights reserved



Salvadore Ross Dayton, Ohio

Salvadore Ross is a fuzz-inspired, psychedelic rock and roll band from Dayton, OH. Equal parts space rock, heavy greasy riffs and 1960s style songwriting.

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